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Kitchen Cabinet

Have you ever thinking of renovating or improving your current home cabinet? Or have you purchased a new house which you want to renovate and furnish with your own interior design concept?

If you are among the creative and a do it yourself (DIY) type of person, then you might need several or maybe more weeks to finish your project and then moving in. Custom cabinets are specially created to fit all walls, to open around obstacles and to reach the desired heights.

This prevents the cabinet units from being too large or too small. They are built to order in a remote workshop before they are assembled onsite and installed in the home.

Done kitchen renovation Kl Selangor Malaysia

Although most modern cabinets come with premade modular units, custom cabinets offer options for any design or space. Custom cabinets are especially useful in multipurpose rooms or around appliances that are not a standard size. Custom cabinets can be made from a variety of wood and may have wood, tin or glass doors.

If so, Renovation Services Malaysia is the best solution for you. If you need to hire a holistic contractor like us and let our contractor help realizing your interior design concept into a reality. Our cabinet handyman is experienced and friendly individuals which have handled multiple houses and condominium renovation with affordable and quality clean finish cabinet works.

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How We Usually Deal?

Renovation Services Malaysia’s handyman always emphasized detailed planning on your cabinets which suits your budget and preferences. Our expert’s contractors believe cabinet renovation may take up at least 30% of any renovation budget. For instance, in kitchen cabinets renovation, the work renovation of kitchen cabinets is the main anchor of the space which is why you need a friendly and experience contractor for consultation. Regardless the kind of home you have, whether it is a landed or condominium property, our professional cabinet expert can cater your need.

A quotation for kitchen cabinets can be broken down into these main areas:

  1. Cabinet frames
  2. Cabinet doors
  3. Kitchen countertop or tabletop
  4. Drawers, shelves, pull-out trays, and baskets
  5. Hardware and accessories such as door handles, knobs, and soft-closing hinges, sink, taps
  6. Appliances such as cooker hood and hob, under-cabinet lights

Renovating or improving your kitchen cabinet can be delicate task but as a professional contractor, we understand your needs and will try our best to suit your budget. All charges are included with labour and installation fees which will make up part of the bill too, but, in our company will always try to make sure that your budget is met and you will be satisfy with our work.

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Need a small cabinet for your own space?

Do have a small room or an empty space need improvement? Or do you have a design idea but want to hire a pro? We are the solution for you! If so, here are some tips of your private space cabinet design:

Here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • The light colors enhance extra space feel, while darker shades tend to close in; lighten up your walls and furnishings.
  • It may seem to be obvious, but throw the king-size (or even queen) bed away and use space-saving furniture. However, if you have storage space issues, you will have to under-bed storing containers which it can free up a lot of space.
  • Finally, the visually expanding the room by using mirrors effect.

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