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About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of people highly dedicated and experience in our comprehensive renovation works in house renovation, retail (shop lot) renovation and office renovation.

In Renovation Services Malaysia, we offer ample of common renovation service work such as tiling, plaster ceiling work, roofing, plumbing, wiring, and painting which focuses places in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

We always aim for customer’s satisfaction, affordable pricing and highlight on quality of work produced by our experts. Do not hesitate to contact us because we do extensive work and minor works to cater the need for our customers.

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Why Choose Us?

With Renovation Services Malaysia, you can always count on us in terms of getting your renovating needs set and done.

Reaching to the point where our contractors and customers to be on the same page will smoothen any renovation process which our team of professionals will captivate you with their unique expertise and friendly approach.

We aim to achieve 100% in both customer’s experience in engaging with our reliable and trustworthy renovation contractor and your satisfaction is our workmanship.

– How We Work –

Organized Planning

We believe in clean and execute our plan accordingly. An organized planning is a founding foundation of our company workstyle.

No matter how small or big (house, office or shop lot) the project might be, our renovation contractors always emphasize on detailed planning and comprehensive work timetable as a key part of our working module.

Renovating schematics Kl Selangor, Malaysia
  • Firstly, our team of contractors draws up a detailed plan for you
  • Any installation or other services plan will always be discussed directly with the client
  • Your feedback is very important to us so our plan of action can be executing swiftly
  • Once our approval is set, our expert contractors will execute the project.
  • We calculate deliberate costing works and try to cater to client’s budget as much as possible.

The Foundation of Work

Any upright contractors will always appreciate the importance of an elaborate preparatory work and opt quality of the preparatory work can which determine the actual quality of a project and set the overall timeline.

In Renovation Services Malaysia, our dedicated teams are friendly, vibrant and young renovators or handyman ready to serve your renovating needs. We cater all kind of projects no matter it is for houses, offices and even shop lot renovation works. Our renovation services are as listed below:

Our renovation experts believe cabinet and kitchen are both complementary items to each other. We offer various design of cabinet to choose from. As for the kitchen, we offer the basics kitchen essential for you. Check out our cabinet and kitchen works for more information.

Do you seek for plaster ceiling works for your house? Do not worry! If you are looking for the best people to install or repair your plaster ceiling, you can trust Renovation Services Malaysia. We have various plaster ceiling designs for you to choose and we will find the best solution for your renovation needs.

Our professional porcelain tiles contractor services in Malaysia provide professional tile design, installation and maintenance services for residential building, mall, corporate building, etc. All tasks will be managed by qualified consultants, designers, installers, and contractors.

Our plumbing team of contractors encompasses of young, well- trained and experienced in plumbing works and assist you with the best plumbing solution with affordable price and efficient work finish. So, if you need any plumbing service right away, our plumbing experts are ready to consult and help your plumbing needs.

Interior walls are often used in addition to the load-bearing walls in modern homes. It can perform different functions depending on the space design. Wall partitions of different materials can serve as elements of zoning, to be a support for a variety of storage systems, or simply serve as a decorative element.

Our electrician handyman is one of the best, fast response and efficient wiring works in Malaysia. Our company always ensure and emphasize a safer living environment for everyone which if any faulty on your electrical need, then it is a job for us to serve you.

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